Double Wallet White


Double Wallet White

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Double Wallet White
Double Wallet White
Price 1,800円
Item # 13-310
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Introducing the Double Wallet: the latest in our Crafting Kit series, where you can enjoy creating original handcrafted items easily just by adding a touch of embroidery or applique! This is compact and easy to use!

It's easy to make an original double wallet! All you have to do is sew on your own embroidery or patchwork, leaving a 1.5 to 2 cm seam allowance! Just blind stitch the edges as you fold under the seam allowance.

$nbsp; Pattern Stamp ⇒   Printable Fabric ⇒

For more details on how to create items with our Crafting Kits, as well as patterns & designs, please visit our explanation page here.

We're holding a Crafting Kit Contest! Deadline is March 5, 2016 (Sat.);
see here for details.

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