CEO Message

Thank you for accessing the Kawaguchi Co., Ltd. corporate website. Our company was established in 1953 as developer and manufacturer of dressmaking equipment. The subsequent economic growth produced a higher standard of living which led to an period when people could acquire whatever they desired. In the present day, the world is overflowing with products that have identical designs, colors, and sizes due to the effects of low cost, high volume manufacturing. The status quo makes it rather difficult if you want to express your individuality.

Amid these circumstances, there are many hand-crafting fans who desire things that are unique in all the world and devote themselves hand-crafting activities day after day. At our company, we plan and develop goods that make a handmade lifestyle pleasant and easy, like sewing and patchwork tools and material, as well as apparel mending supplies and comfortable livingware.

Since September 2012, we have been doing business under our new "Corporate Philosophy and Kawaguchiism", which the whole staff worked together to create. Our company also believes that in order to adapt to the rapidly changing world, we must always be evolving as well. Accordingly, we put forth our "Kawaguchi Vision 2016", with the goal of achieving a transformation into a new company by 2016. We have a strong desire to be a company that preserves the traditions and techniques we have cultivated over the years since our founding, while always boldly challenging ourselves to achieve new things as well.